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2 1/4" Pocket Mirror
$5.00 Plus $2 Postage
Stainless Steel Travel Mug
$30.00 Plus $5 Postage
2 1/4" Key Chain
$5.00Plus $2 Postage
All these speciality
customized with any
art work on this site
including any
custom drawing that
I have done for you.
I can also put photos
on any item expect
embroidered items.
$ 3.00 each Plus $2 Shipping
You may request any of my
drawings on a tin for the same price

The perfect thing to hold small
gifts or jewelry.
4 blank note cards and envelopes
$5.00 Plus $2 Postage
Stone Tile Coaster
$9.00 each Free Shipping
Stone Tile Trivet
$20.00 Free Shipping
To Order just click on the Order
Button and tell me what you want. I
will email you a PayPal invoice or
you may pay by check.
Pet Scarf with Embroidered Pet Name
$10.00 Plus $2 Shipping
4 blank note cards and envelopes
$5.00 Plus $2 Shipping
$7.00 Plus $2 Shipping
To Order Click Here
Back of Pause for Love Bear.
Notice the play on words.
"Paws 4 Love"
Every pet needs to feel loved
and this is the little bear that can
do that. Pet name can be
embroidered on the back for just
$3 more.