and Trivets


CB-1001                                 CB-1002                               CB-1003                             CB-1004
Kirkwood, IL                            Dahinda, IL                           Williamfield, IL                     Kirkwood, IL
CB-1005                               CB-1006                               CB-1007                                CB-1008
Roseville, IL                          Monmouth, IL                        Abingdon, IL                          Oakville, IA
CB-1009                                 CB-1010                                 CB-1011                               CB-1012
Peoria, IL                               St. Augustine, IL                      Galesburg, IL                        Burington, IA
CB-1013                               CB-1014                                   CB-1015                                 CB-1016
Gerlaw, IL                             Macomb, IL                                Rio, IL                                     Victoria, IL
CO-2001                                  CO-2002                                 CO-2003                                  CO-2004                           CO-2005
Chicken House                        Corn Husking                           Bishop Hill Colony Store           Wagon                              Little Girl and her Horse
AC and Trees                     AC                                     AC FFA                              JD on Steel                      JD A                                  JD 70
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Coasters and trivets are pottery but not thirsty stones. Coaster and trivets look
the same except for size. Coasters are 4 inches and trivets are 6 inches.
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Coasters are $9 each Trivets are $20 each
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CO-2012                                 CO-2013
Olds and Barn                         Truck with Tree
CT-3007                             CT-3008                           CT-3009
Farmall H                            Farmall M                          IH 560
CB-1017                               CB-1018                                   
Pigeon Forge, TN                 Oakville, IA
Tea Pot                              Horse                                 Daisy                                Cherries                            Flower Bowl                      Love