You can order any bracelet in the
following colors of beads:
Blue, Red, Green, Brown,
Pink, Golden Yellow,  Purple
or Clear Glass Beads with Gold &
Silver Design.
Two Dangling Metal Butterflies
ID# J-401
Tatted Butterfly you may pick
the color of beads and hand
tatted butterfly.   ID# J-403
Single Silver Butterfly
ID# J-402
Pencil & Ruler Bracelet
Only one left.
ID# J-406
Glass and oat beads with Gold Star.
One of a kind.   ID# J-405
Globe Bracelet
Charm no longer available.
Only Two left.   ID# J-409
Hang in there Froggy!
Green and clear beads with
silver frog.   
ID# J-408
Silver Sunflower with clear and
brown beads.   
ID# J-412
Silver School House   ID# J-413
Silver Golfing Lady   ID# J-411
Natural Jute Beach Bracelets
Shell Jute Bracelet with red beads
ID# J-416
2 Shell Jute Bracelet   ID# J-414
3 Shell Jute Bracelet   ID# J-415
Hot Pink and Gold Beaded
Jute Bracelet   
ID# J-418
Moss Green and Cream
Beads 1 Shell   
ID# J-419
Dark Red and Cream Beaded
Jute Bracelet   
ID# J-421
Beaded Jute Bracelet   ID# J-420
Metal Dragonfly   ID# J-404
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picture to enlarge!
Silver Heart
says "Made with Love" on back.
ID# J-410
Your #1 in gold
Only one left.
ID# J-407
Jute bracelets are
very trendy
summer wear for
the beach or
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Bracelets are $4.75 each
plus $1.75 USA Shipping.
If not in USA email
for shipping cost.
ID# J-417
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I have been told
that Jute bracelets
are very lucky.

I like wearing them
in the summer
because they are
comfortable and
give me a feeling of
relaxation like I am
on a sunny beach.