One of a Kind
The Power
Of Orange
This jacket was designed for The 25th Anniversary Orange Spectacular First Annual
Quilt Show
. I created the design as I assembled this 3 layer quilted jacket. I digitized the
D 17 Allis Chalmers from a drawing I did of an old advertisement. Then I machine
embroidered the D 17 on the block for the back. Assembling 1378 pieces to make 13
yards of twisted pinwheels was very time consuming. After the pinwheels where done then
came cutting 33 borders and the bias binding. A lot of hand stitching followed. All the bias
binding was turned to the back and hand stitched. All seams are covers and hand stitched.

I love a challenge but this was almost too much. Several times during the months I was
working on this jacket, I thought about quitting, but the desire to have it done for the
Orange Spectacular quilt show was to powerful to ignore. Which was the creation of the
name "The Power of Orange", because if it were not for the power of the orange I would
not of finished it.

The quilt show brought in 53 quilts. This is one of a kind jacket that won 2nd place!  
Where will not be another one exactly like this one.
Vintage Fordson Toolbox  $200.00
Griddle   $150
Wooden Paddle $15.00
Mini Iron     SOLD
Army Mess Pan  $40.00
These 2 saws are  
Cow Bell  $95.00
Wooden Spoon $15.00
Kids Shovel  $30.00
5x7 Tin  $30.00
Tin with different design
on each side.   $30.00
All items are one of a kind, each with
original art work by artist Becky Terpening.
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This antique cow bell looks
farmer brazed. This is the
gold color on the left side. I
think the old farmer may
have made the bell. This is