Candle Holder is hand

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$12.50 plus $3 Shipping
This is a really cute with the candle
lit. It adds the romance of the sea
to any room. Sand, sea shell, and
tea candle included.
Without candle so you can
see the design.
Large Decorative
Lighthouse Wine Bottle
complete with sand, shell,
rocks and lucky button.

Lucky Button Story Note
included free with
purchase of bottle.

Measures 11 1/2" tall

Plus $5 Shipping
Engraved Bottle
Lighthouse Vase.
$14.50 each
Free Shipping
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Lighthouse and Boat Sketch Print
(only 1 print available)
Framed 8" X 10"   $50.00
Free Shipping
Warm Sunny Days
Unframed 8" X 10"  $40.00
Free Shipping
Warm Sunny Days in Sailboat
Unframed 8" X 10"   $40.00
Free Shipping
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